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Roxane Martino

Managing Partner

Roxane Martino started her career in marketing as the co-founder and COO of the advertising agency, iProv, LLC in Little Rock, Arkansas. A decade into running the business, Mrs. Martino graduated from law school, passed the Arkansas Bar Exam, and transitioned from operations to General Counsel.

The Martino Law Firm is the product of Mrs. Martino’s passion for both marketing and the law. With her marketing background, she has been able to reach businesses and individuals and point them in the right direction for their legal needs. This niche skillset has allowed Mrs. Martino to work with a wide range of clients as well as partners. Making the right connections with referral partners has exposed The Martino Law Firm to unique opportunities both as an advisor and co-counsel.

Outside of work, Mrs. Martino enjoys time with her husband, Dane, and her identical twin daughters.


RJ Martino


RJ Martino is a serial entrepreneur. Along with his sister, Roxane Martino, he co-founded iProv, LLC and has since spun up a handful of other companies and has partnered in two handfuls of others. Mr. Martino’s initial interest in law came from his holdings in real estate where he became quickly aware of his need for a legal understanding in the deals he began venturing into.

The passion that The Martino Law Firm has in helping people in any way possible is deep-rooted in Mr. Martino’s core values. His success as an entrepreneur is easily attributed to his willingness to hear anyone out. If ever there was a social butterfly, Mr. Martino is one.

Mr. Martino is married to his wife, Amy, and has one son and one daughter.

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