Contracts are a part of every business’s operations. Employment contracts, client contracts, acquisition contracts, sales agreements, licensing contracts, intellectual property contracts, tax contracts, and many more.

Business Contracts

Contract attorneys specialize in the creation, negotiation, and enforcement of contracts. If necessary, they may become involved in litigation if the parties in the contract disagree about interpretation or enforcement.

Brand new startups can sometimes get away with doctoring a basic contract from the internet, but this can leave you open to serious risks and liabilities as a business. A contract attorney can help ensure your contracts protect your business, your employees, and your investments.

Additionally, a contract attorney can help you make sure anything you sign created by another company is on the up and up. Fractional general counsel working with contracts can make sure you are not agreeing to something that will ultimately result in losses or damage to your company.

Contract services performed by fractional general counsel may include:

  • Drafting contracts
  • Reviewing contracts before they are signed
  • Evaluating signed contracts during a dispute
  • Advising for cases involving breach of contract


A contract attorney will look over every aspect of your contracts —such as the essential terms, provisions, and adherence to local laws— to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the agreement, close any potential loopholes, ensure you receive the best possible terms, and protect you from breach of contract.

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Employment Contracts

An employment contract attorney specializes in the creation, negotiation, and enforcement of employment contracts. This may include the terms of payment, commission structure, job duties and expectations, and employee code of conduct.

For businesses that need to protect trade secrets, intellectual property, or copyrighted material, employment agreements can help protect the company from human error or malicious intent. Without the contract, there is often no way to recoup your losses if your information is leaked or stolen.

Employment contracts are also a way to mitigate disputes between employees and employers. Should a dispute arise, you can simply consult the contract and review the terms of employment. This is especially important for temporary, part-time, seasonal, or contract employees because it provides stability and job security by setting the time frame of employment.

Fractional general counsel may create employment contracts for small businesses, negotiate the terms with employees, or review the contracts in case of a dispute. They can help you create a legally binding contract that protects your interests and your business. In case of any claims of breach of contract, your attorney will also be able to defend you against the claim and, if necessary, represent you in court.

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