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If you need a small business lawyer, Arkansas-based Martino Law Firm can help. We offer fractional general counsel for small- and medium-sized businesses all over Arkansas. We can help streamline your business’s operations, ensure you are in compliance, and protect your business from legal action and losses.

Protect your business, your employees, and all your hard work with the Martino Law Firm and our general practice attorneys who represent real businesses right here in Little Rock. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation today!

Modern Legal Services for Modern Businesses

On-demand legal services when you need them for a fixed monthly fee. With fractional general counsel services from the Martino Firm, you decide how much time you need–whether it’s one day or one week a month–to focus on the legal proceedings for your business.

We can work from our office or come to yours. We even offer virtual services for those observing social distancing or outside of our usual range of service.

The Benefits of Working with the Martino Law Firm

Reach Your Potential

For your business to reach its full potential, you need to ensure that the proper policies, procedures, and protections are in place. The Martino Law firm’s fractional general counsel is dedicated to ensuring that your business is positioned for success. Working on retainer means our attorneys develop a deeper understanding of your business over time, making us even more qualified to help you make major legal decisions as they pop up.

Fractional legal services allow you to be proactive and spot potential legal issues before they threaten your business.

Ditch the DIY

Filing as a sole proprietor or a basic LLC is relatively simple from a legal standpoint. Completing your taxes when you’re an in-home family operation of two or three is likely also completely within your ability. But once you have to negotiate employment contracts, field overtime disputes, file for industry permits and licenses, and draft NDAs… it’s time to hire an attorney.

Without the appropriate legal protections and oversight, a simple mistake could end up holding your business back at best. Or you could face major fines, a lawsuit, or a complete shut-down at worst. Hiring fractional general counsel can help ensure that your business is on the right track and effectively protected.

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Download our free infographic to learn more about how a fractional general counsel can help your business.

Download our free infographic to learn more about how a fractional general counsel can help your business.