Surprising Reasons Employers Need a Human Resource Attorney
Surprising Reasons Employers Need a Human Resource Attorney


Did you know that nearly 70,000 cases of workplace discrimination every year in the United States are reported? These serious charges are only one of the many types of lawsuits that take place in the workplace a year. With so many possibilities for legal issues, it's easy to see why a lawyer is so important for a business. Finding a human resource attorney is important to all small businesses.

If you've been looking into HR and employment law, we're here to help. Here are some of the many issues that an employment lawyer for HR incidents can help you with.

Handling Workplace Safety with a Human Resource Attorney

One of the most common issues is workplace safety. Worker's compensation, for example, is something that comes up frequently. Undoubtedly, the legislation surrounding worker's compensation is among the most important laws and regulations every HR professional should know.

When these claims inevitably come, having someone familiar with HR law is crucial. These lawyers can help ensure that you aren't being taken for more compensation than you should be.

It's also not uncommon for worker's compensation claims to require an investigation. An HR lawyer for employers can help look into these claims thoroughly to ensure that the claim is valid in the first place. By doing so, they can help ensure that your money and reputation are both kept as pristine as possible.

Handling Possible Harassment

Unfortunately, there are many harassment claims in industries around the world. Sexual harassment, verbal harassment, and many other problematic behaviors can appear in your workplace. Sometimes this is due to a certain work environment. However, even the most positive and healthy workplaces may deal with this.

Workplace harassment cases need to be dealt with as swiftly and as strongly as possible, especially in the case of inappropriate behavior. A great employment lawyer for HR incidents will have the skills needed to navigate these issues with care. Choosing a knowledgeable human resource attorney near you will be critical to handling these situations.

Consider cooperating with your HR law professional to set up as many systems as possible to keep harassment away. If it occurs, you should have a clear and simple track to reporting and handling the harassment. Not only does this make your workplace more positive, but it also keeps your employees safer and more content with their job.

Fighting Discrimination

Workplace discrimination is another commonplace problem that many companies and employees will experience. It's far from uncommon for an employee to feel discriminated against. It may occur from being passed up for a promotion that someone else got for no discernible reason, or it could be as blunt as open discrimination.

Another common reason is an employee feeling unfair dismissal. Sometimes, former employees may sue a former employer after being let go regardless of the reason given, claiming discrimination. While this is often the case, there are times when the situation had no discrimination whatsoever.

A failure to land a job or promotion within the workplace may lead to discrimination. Whether it's a claim based on sexuality, gender, race, or other quality, these sorts of charges are common. It's also worth saying that many of these claims also end up being true, so ensure you're keeping a fair, equal workplace.

A great human resource attorney near you can help deal with the situation as quietly as possible. Doing so keeps the dignity of both involved parties and can settle the suit in whatever manner is most beneficial for both. Regardless of the reason for the claim, your human resource professional can handle the case for you.

Employee dismissal, in general, can sometimes cause issues. Your HR professional should have the information and training they need to handle any red tape surrounding a firing. There are plenty of laws and regulations that vary between nations, states, and territories, and your HR professional should understand everything necessary to deal with the situation.

Handling Fraudulent Claims

On the topic of leveling claims, there are often fraudulent claims. There are a handful of reasons that an employee may bring a false claim against an employer.

One could bring a claim out of feeling like they were unjustly fired, for example, hoping for compensation. Others may simply want their job back or claim something in hopes of it working to pressure their higher-ups into promotions. Some may even simply be after payment in court or attempt to smear the company after leaving it out of spite.

Smaller claims of harassment may come to light from a workplace grudge. Even these smaller claims have massive consequences on you as a company and can cause months of bad appearances and red tape.

A human resource attorney near you can handle these claims while you focus on running your business. Larger businesses will also have more employees, which can increase the rate at which fraudulent claims occur.

These claims will also almost always require investigation, which your HR professional can work towards for you. Rather than having to dedicate your time to solving these serious issues, your professional will work to fix the situation to your benefit.

Fraudulent claims are as serious as they are common. Whether it's worker's compensation or a fake harassment charge, these situations need to be resolved as quickly as possible. Make sure you have the best HR professional to handle these problems.

Handling HR and Employment Law Issues

Keeping HR and employment law professionals on your staff is important for a business of any size, and integral for large businesses as a whole. If you're struggling to find one, you may want to try searching for "professionals and human resource attorneys near me" to find someone that can help deal with your situation. No matter what human resource issue is brought to light, having a professional handle will always lead to a better outcome.

Finding the right human resource attorney near you can be challenging. Trusting another person with important aspects of your business can cause a lot of stress. Do not hesitate to contact and schedule interviews with possible HR law professionals before making a decision. Knowledgeability, professionalism, and experience are key to landing the perfect individual.

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